Image courtesy of my 6yo son.

Image courtesy of my 6yo son.


I'm Luke Marshall, an emerging photographic artist from Perth, Western Australia -- a contemporary photographer, a fine-art photographer and a portrait photographer. 

Photography is not my profession, but it is my passion.

During the day, people pay me to push buttons and click on little pictures and words at a computer. It's an interesting job, and I like it. I must be reasonably good at it because each time I finish typing and clicking on one set of numbers and words, they give me a different set of numbers and words to click on.

Photography is something different. 

I am fascinated with culture, personality, and identity. We spend all day interacting with other people, but there are only a few that we actually know well. For everyone else, we assign roles and identities based on appearance, location, setting and context. We provide our own cues on how we want to be perceived -- guides as to which box we want to be put in. Some are intentional, like clothing and outward appearance, and some are unintentional: language and accents, heritage and expressions.

Is it fair to judge people without knowing them? 

Are any of these perceptions correct? How much of our day-to-day life depends on being able to do this? Why are we who we are? How do we decide who everyone else is? My photographs are as much about our perceptions as they are about the subject.

It's an interesting world to explore.

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