The work's up on the walls and the opening night was a terrific success.  


I'm not going to be modest about this, it looks really, really good... It's such a great feeling to have your work printed and up on the walls.


Thanks so much to everyone who helped make it possible! 

A quick selfie snapped just after finishing the  hanging.

A quick selfie snapped just after finishing the  hanging.

Mild panic attack

The exhibition opens in a couple of days and things are getting really scary.

It's a bit like sitting on the tracks with a freight train rushing towards you. The smart thing to do would be to get out of the way and let it rush by, but for some foolish reason, I'm planning to jump aboard! 

Fortunately, my partner in crime, Johannes Reinhart, is capable and efficient and incredibly patient. Somehow he's managed to maintain a sense of humour about the whole thing. I'm going to owe him several large drinks when we're all done.

A random street shot from the other night. Busy times around here, but somehow there's always enough time to shoot more.

A random street shot from the other night. Busy times around here, but somehow there's always enough time to shoot more.

Some days you get lucky

Walking past and I thought to myself, "Hey. This could work."

Pulled out the camera, checked the settings, framed the shot...

And instead of waiting, waiting and more waiting, she walked into the frame.


Some days you have to work for it. Some days it's just handed to you on a platter.

Roads : Possibly part of my latest project

Drip feed

And the process continues...

Every few days, spending more time with the camera, finding locations, waiting, shooting, waiting, shooting and throwing out almost everything... and then there's the one that's close to what I want.

Does it capture what I'm looking for? Yes!

Does it fit the style of the project? Yes!

Will it make the final edit? No idea.

Cotton On : Possibly part of my latest project

The PCP Iris Award Winner 2012

For the past few years, I have been going to Sideshow Alley at the Perth Royal Show, taking pictures of the people working the ticket booths at night. It's a strange kind of existence, being caged in a box, taking money, handing out tickets, and dealing with all manner of people. On some nights, I've approached the people to talk to them, find out where they're from, and how they got to be sitting where they are. Some seem to enjoy the conversation; others refuse to engage at all. Sometimes, I've simply watched from a short distance away before taking the picture. The results are very, very different.

At first glance, it's a somewhat amusing photo. She's just one of many shrunken, decapitated heads in the booth. She fits right in with the uninspired attempts at decoration. Whoever put them them up had about as much heart in it as she does working there... but there's more to it than that.

In a space like this, people choose how much of themselves they are willing to reveal and this image captured this idea really well. You can see the woman; she is absolutely aware that we are there and she isn't hiding or shying away. In the same way that the window separates her from us, she has her own barriers that keep us from knowing more about her than she is willing to reveal... but despite that, there is a gap, a tiny space where we can glean something real about her. She is, after all, just like us. She's sitting down, tired, but patient; tolerant of us, of the crowds, of the people who want to buy tickets. She's just doing what she always does to get through the night. But once she's done, she will go through the door behind her and leave all this behind. She will lower the shields, drop the barriers, and become herself again... but just like the darkness beyond the door, who that person is, is not revealed to us.

"$8 per Rider"
The PCP Iris Award Winner 2012

Thanks again to the Perth Centre for Photography and the judges for the award.

"$8 per Rider"

The PCP Iris Award 2012 Winner

Went out shooting

I was out shooting during my lunch break today and came back with one passable image. Success? Well, it is close enough to make it through this edit and be considered again later.

This project is pretty exacting... The shots are all candid, the framing is fairly precise and there's a bit of thought behind constructing the scene to achieve consistency in the set. Add to that having the "right person" leave the shop through the "right place"... and then there are all the problems with random passers-by walking through, so the exact moment I want is blocked.

For this series, it's pretty normal to throw out a few hundred images just to get one that might work.

Anyway, here's the latest: Seed

Seed : Possibly part of my latest project

Early days

The site is now one day old and there's so much to do.

I'll be adding some more portfolio projects in the coming week, as well as some fit and finish of the design.

Let me know if you like/hate the look or spot any major problems or things I need to take care of.

Thanks for stopping by!