Drip feed

And the process continues...

Every few days, spending more time with the camera, finding locations, waiting, shooting, waiting, shooting and throwing out almost everything... and then there's the one that's close to what I want.

Does it capture what I'm looking for? Yes!

Does it fit the style of the project? Yes!

Will it make the final edit? No idea.

Cotton On : Possibly part of my latest project

Went out shooting

I was out shooting during my lunch break today and came back with one passable image. Success? Well, it is close enough to make it through this edit and be considered again later.

This project is pretty exacting... The shots are all candid, the framing is fairly precise and there's a bit of thought behind constructing the scene to achieve consistency in the set. Add to that having the "right person" leave the shop through the "right place"... and then there are all the problems with random passers-by walking through, so the exact moment I want is blocked.

For this series, it's pretty normal to throw out a few hundred images just to get one that might work.

Anyway, here's the latest: Seed

Seed : Possibly part of my latest project